4 Simple Steps to Heal Yourself

and have better boundaries

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're stuck
  • You desire support, coaching, feedback
  • You're in transition + could use some clarity
  • You're spiritual + believe you're here for a purpose
  • You struggle to hold good boundaries with people
  • You struggle to stick to a practice or meditation technique 
  • You're looking for a spiritual community or like-minded people
  • You want to begin to trust yourself + live that purpose but feel doubt
  • You know you have abilities or gifts, but you're not quite sure how to use them
  • You put others in front of yourself + it's time to start radical self-care practices
  • You want to develop your intuition + awareness + use it to help you in your every day life

This Webinar Will Teach You:

Tip #1

Exactly how to release energy that doesn't serve: other people's energy, energy from the past, and outdated belief systems muddying up your energy field.

Tip #2

What boundary issues + energy leaks you really have, when you got them, and why + how to identify exactly what to do to heal your boundary issues.

Tip #3

The simple way to replenish your energy when you feel wiped out, down, tired, or like someone sucked you dry! Powerful ways to heal yourself + uplift your mind, body + spirit!

In this Webinar You'll learn:

  • The easy to follow, quick to use, step by step process for healing
  • Self-care rituals that work + give you power
  • How to make sacred space just for you, quickly, the psychic way!
  • The secret key to enhancing your psychic abilities
  • How to stay neutral in a chaotic world
  • How to let go of things, people, pain + the past more easily
  • How to be more present + conscious in your daily life
  • How to heal your children + help them feel safe + calm
  • How to balance, clean + clear your chakras
  • How to set your energy boundaries so you feel strong, clear, centered + empowered
  • How to protect your boundaries from others energy
  • How to deepen your connection with your self, spirit + others

"Rachel gets to the root of old emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs with her innate ability to ask you perfect questions. I have never experienced such quick and deep work, to make lasting changes in my perception. Rachel helps you see what you need to see. And, has helped me to feel more capable of being myself. I feel the huge shifts this session is offering me already." ~Brandi Mackenzie, Ft. Collins, Colorado

"Thank you, Rachel, for your kind, insightful & absolutely spot-on guidance! You have helped me tremendously during a big life transition & I thank you for the poignant truths you have shared with me. So grateful a friend introduced me to you!" ~ Louisa Compton, United Kingdom

"Rachel has such a profound gift and I am so very thankful for finding her. Within just a few minutes into our conversation she made me feel at ease with her comforting and professional manner. Since the reading and healing session,I am so much more at peace. By using her guidance and tools I can also feel my energy continuing to lift to a lighter and more creative level as each day passes. The angst I’d been having is gone. I’ve embraced in trusting myself and releasing negativity, which could sometimes be a challenge before, and my life is already moving in a more productive and positive direction. She helped me regain the “me” that was missing." ~Bonnie Brown

Are you ready to release what doesn't serve, reclaim your power + recover your light? Is it time to step into the powerful healer that you are?

Thanks for being here! See you in the webinar!


Rachel Claire

Meet Rachel:

Rachel is in love with life, and she teaches her clients how to fall in love with theirs. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, clairvoyant, and coach. Her deepest passion is helping her clients heal so they can attract the life they were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in the way. Rachel brings the very best practices and tools of coaching and psychic intuition to serve those who are ready to step fully into who they really are. Work with her is geared towards action and the tangible results that arise when perceived limitations are overcome. She helps her clients see their deepest truth, and then guides them to a place where they give their gifts to a world that desperately needs them. Her coaching and psychic work typically run about 3 months, with a combination of clairvoyant readings and coaching, tailored meditations, emotional work, and practices to create energetic and emotional clearings.